Canada Day 2015

Wednesday July 1, 2015

Canada turns 148 years old today.  HAPPY CANADA DAY!  It was 17 degrees with the sun coming out more frequently as the morning progressed.  Being Canada Day it wasn’t appropriate not to get out and enjoy a bit of nature.

I thought I’d share a couple of pictures taken on the side of Sixteen Mile Creek near the park at Dundas Street.  Lilium Canadense is otherwise known as the Canada Lily or meadow lily.  They can have red, yellow or orange flowers which are known as “nodding” because they hang downward.  They often have darker spots on them.  They have become much less common in urban areas since the white tailed deer have started to become more common in our ravines and park systems.  White tailed deer browse on the Canada Lily until there are few remaining. They are featured in the cover photo as well as the picture below.


Gold coral mushrooms are rarely found in large quantities but we came across a patch where a half a dozen clusters were growing.  The gold and white ones can be eaten but red ones are poisonous.  They cook quickly and should be added as a soup garnish just before serving or placed along with fish or seafood as a side.


Giant Hogweed grows in many places along Sixteen Mile Creek.  They can reach up to 10 feet tall and have stems on them that are an inch around.  Contact with the sap causes burns to the skin when exposed to UV light.  Contact with the eyes can cause temporary or permanent blindness.  The large white flowers of this years crop of invasive toxic weeds are seen behind the dead stocks of last year’s plants.


The Dundas Street bridge over Sixteen Mile Creek was replaced in two phases.  Half of the bridge was completed in 2008 consisting of three 61 meter sections.  With one side complete the existing steel truss bridge was demolished and the second side completed in 2011.  The concrete support for the steel truss bridge was left standing and can be seen in the picture below.  This concrete bridge was built in 1921 and replaced an 1885 steel girder bridge.


The picture below shows the 1885 bridge.


Happy Canada Day everyone!

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