Toronto Ice Storm Dec. 22, 2013 – Looking Back

Dec. 22, 2015

On December 22, 2013 an ice storm hit Toronto and surrounding areas.  27 deaths were blamed on the storm and over a million people were without power, some for several days.  In all the storm caused over $200 million in damages.  Here is a look back at some pictures taken a few days later.


Following the storm I went for my own little discovery walk to see the extent of the damage was.  Hydro wires were pulled down by trees and still not repaired four days later because of the extent of the damage to the electrical system.

IMG_1684 (2)

Side streets were littered with tree branches and in some places where access could be gained from either end there were trees across the road for a week.  The street in the shot below has a tree across just before the stop sign.

IMG_1683 (2)

Falling trees crushed cars and insurance companies had a lot of fun blaming God.









IMG_1696 (2)

In a park near Yonge and Lawrence the tops were stripped off of all the trees.

IMG_1697 (2)

Burke Brook was closed to through traffic because of trees that had fallen across.  One of the trunks of a fallen tree was carved into a bench when the work crew came through.  It remains as a rest stop for people along the side of the trail.  It can be seen in the Burke Brook post.

IMG_1702 (2)

IMG_1705 (2)

IMG_1709 (2)

And a robin who totally wishes he’d left last week to go south.

IMG_1706 (2)

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