Garbage Park – Clean Toronto Together 2016

April 13, 2016

in April 2015 Hiking the GTA attempted to get the city of Toronto to clean up a small park on the corner of Finch and Dufferin.  Contacting the city councilor for the ward proved ineffective and so did contacting the Mayor’s Office.  A short post called Garbage Park Toronto was posted including on the Mayor’s FaceBook page.  An email from the Mayor’s Office finally came indicating that it would be looked into.  A week later an email to The Fixer at The Star resulted in Hiking the GTA being featured in the newspaper.  Soon a crew arrived and did a cursory cleaning, removing all the big articles.  A return visit by Hiking the GTA in May produced the historical post Dufferin Creek which is where we first featured The Gore and Vaughan Plank Road.


The City of Toronto has set Clean Toronto Together 2016 for the weekend of April 22-24, exactly one year after the article appeared in The Star.  By registering a group and a clean-up site with the city we can get free garbage bags and ensure that the bags will be picked up at the end of the day.  Hiking the GTA is proposing to put a small group together to clean the park up and then enjoy a group hike around the Dufferin Park area.  Those who join in will be the first people who will know the exact location of the remains of the Gore and Vaughan Plank Road.  Time permitting, we can also hike into G. Ross Lord Park where there are remains of the Fisherville Mill.

If you would be interested in bringing work gloves and a rake and doing a little spring cleaning please message Hiking the GTA on our FaceBook page or leave a comment.  We plan start the clean up at 9:00 am and hopefully we can finish in about 2-3 hours.

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