Painted Turtle

July 1, 2016

While visiting Loafer’s Lake a hike down the Etobicoke Creek brought us to a place where the river banks have been reinforced with wire mesh and stone called gabion.  A medium sized painted turtle had evidently been making it’s way back to the creek when it fell head first through the wire mesh.  With it’s head and front legs inside the mesh there was no way for it to pull itself back up again.


Worried that it may already be dead if it had been very long since the accident I worked my way down to have a closer look and the head withdrew.  An awesome sign.  Lifting the turtle out of the gabion was easy and he was free at last.


Back on the ground, the turtle made quick pace for the safety of the creek.


Swimming away it made for the shelter of a log where it sat on the bottom recovering from a traumatic experience.


Another look at the unfortunate design of the gabion mesh.


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