I spent my youth in small town Ontario.    Except when doing chores, eating or sleeping, we spent most our time outdoors.  In those days the idea of personal electronics extended to the transistor radio that we used to carry around with us.  We didn’t have cell phones, video games, computers or the internet to keep us occupied.  We only had a dozen tv stations and we were discouraged from watching for extended periods.  So, we explored.

We explored everywhere!  Where ever our feet or our bikes would take us became an adventure.  When we found something that was unusual we would try to find some information about it.  That usually meant a trip to the library where there were a few books on local history.

Today I live in the heart of Toronto.  The GTA is split by several major rivers and a few creeks as well.  The Credit, Humber, Don and Rouge are each major rivers.   The rivers were the first forms of transportation to the settlers.  They soon became places of industry as well because the rivers supplied the water to run milling equipment.  Following Hurricane Hazel all of the river lands were expropriated and turned into park land.

I still love to explore.  I usually walk the less developed parts of parks through the trees and hillsides as they contain the wildlife and artifacts of the past.  To me, a paved pathway in the park is only there to make quick passage on the way back to the car when the hike has ended.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Bushwhacker

    Hello hikingthegta,

    I’m admin for 2oldguyswalking. Thanks for the follow. I’ve returned it through WordPress and expect you will get another from Ranger soon.

    My story is exactly the opposite of yours. I was born and raised in Toronto, but have lived in small town Southern Ontario for the last few decades. In my youth, I likely explored alot of the areas you do now. I look forward to readiing on and seeing how things have changed in my old stomping grounds.


  2. Bushwhacker

    Great site. I was born and raised country. Love blogs on abandoned rail lines, saw and grist mills, rustic abandoned buildings and most things country. Keep up the good work.

  3. rhianna

    I truly appreciate all the information you supply alongside your pictures. I first found about your page from writing about my hometown in Georgetown at the Barber Mill and have been completely fascinated from there on. Thank you for all you do and keep up the great work.

  4. Linda

    Finally, a group of country born n’ raised who similar to me grew-up playing/exploring& learning in the great outdoors!


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