Scarborough’s Most Eccentric Home

Sunday, November 14, 2021

One of the strangest homes in Toronto stands amidst an average-looking Scarborough subdivision. Prior to 1970, the home at 110 Maybourne was just a single-story bungalow, unremarkable among its neighbours. Since then the small home on a 50 X 100-foot lot has been repeatedly expanded to become a sprawling 3,400 square foot monstrosity. In spite of the fact that it is falling down, it recently sold for $760,000 which is basically just the purchase of the property. It will be demolished and replaced with a new home so we thought it would be good to capture its eccentricity before it is gone forever.

The home is the creation of Max Heiduczec who spent years slowly adding to the house. He picked up inspiration from many different architectural styles and ended up with a most unusual-looking result.

On the roof is a small dome that looks like it came off of a small Russian Orthodox church.

Inside the house sprawls over three and a half floors including an indoor swimming pool in the basement.

There’s a round tower that resembles a minaret on an Islamic Mosque. Lion statues line the entrance like those in an Egyptian temple.

Some of the statues could easily be re-used on the site when the owner gets around to redeveloping it. There’s a female carrying a water jug on her shoulder that appears to have weathered pretty well.

Max continued to maintain the building but with less and less ability as he got older. By 2014 he was only able to work for short sessions painting or replastering before he would retreat into the house for a rest. Today there are large sections of the stucco that have dropped away and the male statue looks like he might have spent a little too much time out in the cold.

The little windows and embattlements on the round tower reveal themselves to have only been painted on.

The square tower actually has pointed arches in the Gothic Revival tradition used on many churches in the mid to late 1800s.

This is one of the oddest homes that has been allowed to be created in the city. Perhaps no one ever thought too much about all the continuous building permits that Max must have had issued to him.

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5 thoughts on “Scarborough’s Most Eccentric Home

  1. Leslie M Kuretzky

    I know it is an eyesore and is weird, but in its own way, it is unique. Sort of like Cheaper version of Casa Loma? I will have to pay a visit before it is too late.

  2. Gord Watson

    Grew up not far.from this, remember it very well, even my kids growing up in the 90s had to have me drive by it after each visit to their grandma and grandpas.

    1. Justin Robinson

      I grew up down the street from this house in the 90s and me and my cousins would hop the fence and sneak a peek in the window and we would regularly see an elderly man sitting there reading if I’d only known that I could be of help to him I would have knocked on the door but back then we j were ust having fun.. hopefully the new land owner will incorporate a few items or looks. Here’s hoping. Go get your photos while you can

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  4. Sylvana Luca

    Growing up and attending school close by I remember it vividly as well as the rumors that it was haunted!


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