Sherwood Park – In White

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Winter scenes have been largely missing this year and so with light fluffy snow falling and 15 centimetres of fresh snow on the ground, it seemed like a good time to go for a walk in Sherwood Park.  There were children playing on the swings and teeter-totter in spite of the weather.  Isn’t Canada wonderful?  The fish in the children’s splash pad might not agree with those snow drifts piled up on their fins.


Sherwood Park was previously covered in the post on Burke Brook so I won’t repeat that story here.  I’ll just provide a link at the end of this pictorial where you can get the history of this location.  For now, grab a seat in the park and have a look around.


One of the features of Sherwood Park are the extensive stairs provide access from the ravine floor to the forests above.


Burke Brook is beautiful as it babbles through the ravine.


To facilitate crossing the steep ravine at Burke Brook the pioneers built Bayview Avenue along the side of the ravine so that it could reach the bottom with a slope other than 75 degrees straight down.  The former road allowance is currently used as the trail from Bayview into Sherwood Park.


Bayview Avenue crossed Burke Brook near the water level on a wooden bridge prior to the installation of this culvert.  When Sunnybrook Hospital was built during the Second World War, Bayview Avenue was straightened and a large berm built over a much larger culvert. The berm reduces the ravine to a small dip in the road.  The original Bayview Avenue can be seen as it approaches this old bridge.


There’s something very calming about a gentle snowfall in a forest when the trees have a fresh coating of undisturbed snow.


Link to Burke Brook

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Google Maps Link.  Sherwood Park

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