October 31, 2019

There’s quite a few places that we’ve visited that have a record of being haunted.  It seems that almost every place that has a long history also has some stories of paranormal sightings over the years.  Even though no spirits have chosen to reveal themselves to us when we visited, there are many who claim to have had experiences in these locations.  In the Spirit of Halloween we present links to half a dozen hot spots in the GTA plus a couple more outside of it.  In each case we’ll give a brief description of the location as well as the haunting.  A picture of the place and a link to a more detailed story will be included.  Google Maps links for the actual sites are included in the longer posts.

1) Mimico Branch Asylum.

The remains of over 1500 patients who died at the asylum and were never claimed lie in a small graveyard near Kipling and the Gardiner Expressway.  It is said that some of their spirits haunt the tunnels between the buildings at the old hospital.


2) Merritton Blue Ghost Tunnel

This railway tunnel under the Third Welland Canal is said to be haunted by a blue ghost.  Perhaps a railway fatality or a spirit from the graveyard that was flooded during canal construction.


3) The Devil’s Punch Bowl

Over the years there have been several suicides at the Devil’s Punch Bowl and it is said that the spirits of the love lost remain at the waterfall, seeking their lovers.


4) Bronte Creek’s Haunted House

Henry Breckon died in 1931 and his body was laid out in the front parlour for days while a wake was held.  Many people claim to have seen his spirit which remains in the house opening and closing doors for fun.


5) Old Finch Avenue

The story of a girl who was murdered on her birthday is attached to the Old Finch Avenue bridge and it is said that if you call happy birthday on the bridge that she will respond.


6) Ghastly Tales of Sawmill Valley Creek

With an elephant buried in a community park and a ghost that still tends the fire in Glenerin Inn, this is one of the stranger places in the group presented here.


7) The Hermitage

Does the ghost of a jilted lover still haunt the ruins of this estate in Ancaster?  Many claim this to be one of the most significant places for paranormal activity in the area.  After committing suicide, the body of John Black could not be buried in the cemetery and so it was transported to an unmarked grave via a manure cart.


8) The Bloor Viaduct

The Bloor Viaduct has been the site of nearly 500 suicides over the years.  I don’t know of any specific haunting, but this would stand to be a place of potential paranormal activity.  This bridge is near the downtown core of Toronto.


Happy Halloween from Hiking the GTA.

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