Waterfalls Of The Golden Horseshoe

Sunday, May 7, 2017

There are several natural waterfalls in the GTA and many more in the surrounding area known as the golden horseshoe.  Over the past three years Hiking the GTA has been able to visit over a dozen of them.  This post provides the links as well as brief stories for each of them.  Google maps links for each waterfall can be found at the end of the specific article.

The Devil’s Punch Bowl

This is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the area because every layer of the escarpment is exposed at this one site.


Albion Falls

This waterfall is easy to access with parking just beside it.  There is a trail that leads to the bottom of the falls that allows you to see both the top of the falls as well as the bottom.


Wahoosh Falls

This small set of waterfalls in Mississauga is a well-kept secret now that the little parking lot near the falls has been closed.


Balls Falls

Balls Falls is near St. Catherines and contains many of the original buildings from the early days of settlement at the falls including the old mill.


Devil’s Falls

This set of falls is near Cambridge and can only be viewed from above as the descent to the Grand River isn’t safe.


Terra Cotta Falls

The falls in Terra Cotta can be seen from the conservation area.


Hilton Falls

Hilton Falls has the unique feature of the old wheelhouse from the mill that used to stand at its base.


Websters and Tews Falls

Websters and Tews Falls are both located in the Spencer Gorge.  At one time Tews Falls was as grand as Niagara Falls.


Niagara Falls

This is the most famous of the waterfalls in the Golden Horseshoe.



Fallbrook on Silver Creek is a cascade waterfall where the creek steps down the escarpment.


Borer’s Falls

Borer’s Creek plunges 15 metres over the side of the escarpment in a 5-metre wide ribbon waterfall.  Borer’s Falls is also featured in the cover photo.


Great Falls

Grindstone Creek flows over the Great Falls in Smokey Hollow.


Sherman Falls

Sherman Falls is one of 7 falls that can be reached in easy walking distance from Ancaster.


Cataract Falls

These falls are 21-metres high and carry the Credit River off the escarpment.  They used to power the Cataract Electric Company, whose ruins can be seen in this picture.

Cataract Falls

Darnley Cascade

Darnley cascade is 4-metres high and is just upstream from the Darnley Grist Mill.


This is just a small sample of the magnificent waterfalls that can be found in and around the GTA.

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